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Dear Friends of the Koning Willem Fonds,

The past year has been an active one for the Charity. Close contact with applicants continues to be our  main focus but through the course of the year there have been significant changes in the body of Trustees (who decide our charitable work). Indeed, by the time of our next AGM in May 2019, we anticipate welcoming 3 new Trustees, which follows on from two new Trustees who joined earlier in 2018. As a consequence, there has been rejuvenation in the Charity and I am grateful we have found individuals who not only donate their time, but also bring new energy and enthusiasm.

In our Achievements and Performance webpage we illustrate some of the life stories of individuals who turned to us for help in the course of 2018.
The Charity is proactive in making home visits wherever possible and where not feasible, attempt  multiple contact initiatives, so that well-informed decisions of support are made every month.  

We mentioned last year that Right to Reside complications, as the Brexit story rumbles along, is one reason for an increase in our case load and this is likely to rise further in 2019. Often our applicants are vulnerable individuals who, as a result of legislation, find they no longer qualify for UK social benefits; this  can lead to Court action, which itself is a lengthy process adding to stress and adversely affecting the mental health state of our applicants.
Certainly we are looking to provide practical help for vulnerable  Dutch citizens, resident in the UK, as they register for EU settled status.

Sadly after some 15 years our Care Coordinator / Social Administrator has decided to retire at Christmas. Peter has been the backbone of our Charity acting as the principal point of contact for all applicants; he has done this with firm kindness and always with a deft assessment of cases and complex life stories and particularly helping to think through possible solutions.
It would be difficult to overstate the contribution he has made and all Trustees are thankful for his wisdom and contribution over so many years. We wish him happiness and good health, as he steps back from the Charity.
Following a selection process we are happy to announce we have found someone in Marijke Koomans, who we trust will admirably fill his position; she has a background in project management and experience in IT.  

As I know, readers will be well aware that the Charity is totally reliant and grateful for the private donations given to us, which help fund our work; particularly as corporate gifting has fallen away. Should  you feel you can help us we would be very appreciative and a donation form can be downloaded here.

The Charity has recently set up an Education Fund to help 'known applicants' who are studying; should you wish your gift to have a more 'specific direction', please choose that option on the form enclosed. However our main  purpose remains to help Dutch individuals facing hardship throughout the UK.

Just recently in October 2018, the King and Queen of The Netherlands made a State visit to the UK. The Charity was invited, amongst others, to a discussion morning with the royal couple. The Charity was accorded the special privilege to be invited to the State Banquet; in the history of the Charity, such involvement in royal visits is exceedingly rare.  

Thank you for all your support.