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  Report of the Social Work Coordinator for the year 2018

The Koning Willem Fonds (KWF), with HRH Princess Beatrix as its patron, is a uniquely Dutch institution providing assistance to UK resident Dutch nationals or those of Dutch extraction, irrespective of race, gender, age or religion.
Whilst presenting very different, often complex life histories, the common theme of most individuals we support is, that they are economically and socially disadvantaged.
In 2018 we dealt with some 50 cases; a sample of their stories is set out below. Sometimes the length of time taken to resolve issues took over twelve months and in many instances our support is ongoing: ongoing…..

  1. A young woman living in hostel accommodation was given a monthly financial grant and was provided with educational support. Her aim is to complete her studies, which will hopefully enable her to become a para medic. The young woman had suffered sexual abuse and had endured 3 Court cases before justice was done; the Charity supported her through most of this time.
  2. Mental health features as a problem amongst a sizeable number of our applicants. Some endure stints in hospital mental health units, but most find they can 'just about' cope. By providing a 'listening ear' for them we find we help them through their experiences.
  3. A young man recently housed in a Council flat but without bedding and no cooker, nor adequate furniture, was given a financial grant to purchase the pressing items on his list.
  4. An adult student in Scotland who had fallen ill and found on leaving hospital that the restaurant where she had worked over the Christmas break had closed down, owing her hundreds of pounds. This meant there was insufficient money for her landlord and for basics.
    The Charity provided financial and emotional support for many months.
  5. A young family, faced with financial worries following the arrival of a baby, was provided with financial support along with a number of items of clothing for their baby.
  6. An elderly lady living in the South of England, living in semi-sheltered accommodation, unable to finance new clothes and shoes, nor able to replace her ancient bed. Finance was provided for all of these items.
  7. Once again, we helped several individuals with the cost of a new passport. Given Brexit, we consider the possession of a valid passport as an essential identity document. The Charity takes care and make an effort to help fund this where needed.
  8. A young woman who had done much work overseas, working for a voluntary organisation, was given help to obtain therapy for a debilitating condition, that had forced her to stop working.
  9. A woman and her family trying to move to The Netherlands to join her husband was given significant time and support to get her paperwork in order, as well as the travel costs for herself and children.
Our case load has increased in recent years. Next year we anticipate a further rise because of Brexit and its attendant complexities requiring Dutch citizens to register for EU Settled Status; those who are vulnerable and aged may find it challenging to deal with online registration