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This past year the Charity has worked hard to make a difference to the lives of all the applicants who asked us for help. In general, many of those who reach out to us have no family or circle of friends to fall back on. If there is one single thing your attention should be drawn to, then it would be the significant rise in the number of people we supported in 2019; in a more normal year numbers are some 50/60 per annum. Trustees consider every individual case, relying on two core value statements to help reach a collective decision.

The first core value statement is to help someone who is in ‘urgent need’. To them we give short-term emergency financial assistance, often in the form of supermarket vouchers enabling the recipient to buy either food or necessities. This is a useful alternative when access to a bank account is difficult.
For instance, in 2019, we gave several months of help to an elderly lady whose social benefits were too low to make ends meet. In talking with her the Charity realised she might be eligible for social security payment from the Netherlands. We helped to fill in these forms and sent them off and after many months of waiting she heard this was indeed the case; with the back dated payment she purchased a mobility scooter and a new fridge.
Another example was an individual who suffers from serious mental health challenges, possibly the result of years of domestic abuse. In this instance we helped with a debt relief measure. This had the advantage of helping the individual to ‘let go of the past’ as well as providing a less troubled future.
It is worth noting that around a third of applicants to the Charity have mental health issues.

The second core value we use is, ‘to provide a helping hand’. That is, financial assistance here may not be deemed urgent but the impact of help will make a material difference to an individual’s circumstances.
Such as the young single mother with 3 children who was trying to complete her accountancy course but found this difficult with the many other demands of life. Or indeed the individuals who found their budget could not stretch to pay for the costs of renewing a passport.

What is heartwarming is the many Thank you letters we receive during the course of the year. Here are a two quotes:

    “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I lost all faith in
    the system and cannot thank you enough for your help
” and

   “My sincere thanks to all the trustees for considering my application and
    granting help to me. It literally means so much for me and my children

The Charity in turn thanks you, our private donors, for your support. Your contributions help us to cover the shortfall between income (from our small investment fund) and expenditure (on applicants) that in turn enables us to make a material difference to the quality of many lives. We endeavour to bring some calm and normality to those whose lives suffer from hardship and unease.
Christmas is a special time and I hope that during the festive season you may be inspired to once again think of those who are dependent on the help of the Koning Willem Fonds. Please have a read of the short fact sheet attached.



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