1. A woman suffering from domestic violence, living in a damaged houseboat and unable to pay for boat repairs and heating. Visited by Trustees and provided with supermarket vouchers she is currently receiving monthly payments. Regular contact continues.

  2. Very elderly lady, in poor health with significant financial worries. Visited on several occasions by a Trustee. The Charity paid the overdue energy bill, although other overdue accounts exist. Contact with the lady is active and she receives regular Dutch newsletters.

  3. Homeless man with many bureaucratic complications. Unable to ‘prove’ his Dutch heritage so as to obtain a Dutch passport, he was barred from working in the UK by the Home Office. Following numerous meetings/contact with Trustees, and considerable effort in tracing the required paperwork (generations of birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates across various different countries), this case took over twelve months to resolve but in August 2017 he finally received his passport.

  4. Longing to go home, a man approached the Charity for help as he was destitute and had been drifting in the UK for several decades. An inability to hold down a job, suffering dental and other health issues, he had also lost contact with his family. Trustees visited him regularly, dental work was undertaken, and supermarket vouchers supplied.
    After many months of searching the Charity found sheltered accommodation in the Netherlands and flew him back to his homeland.

  5. A family living on the breadline with little income and four underage boys with a foreign mother, was finally (after 8 months of negotiations with the Immigratie Naturalisatiedienst - IND), allowed to relocate to The Netherlands. Significant administrative problems were compounded by the absence of the father.

  6. A tragic case of a dying man who requested help with his own funeral costs so as to reduce the financial burden on his wife and underage son. This wish was fulfilled by the Charity. Contact continues with the family.

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2017 KWF Charitable Activities

Case Studies
Whilst presenting very different complex life histories, the common theme of the individuals supported, is that they are economically and socially disadvantaged.

The Charity is a unique Dutch institution, which provides assistance to UK resident Dutch nationals or those of Dutch extraction, irrespective of race, gender, age or religion.
In excess of 30 cases are dealt with each year and below we present a sample of these. In some instances, the length of time it took to resolve the issues took over twelve months.
In many instances our support is ongoing….