Looking back on charitable activity in 2016, the year has been noteworthy not so much for the overall number of applications the Charity has received but for the complexity and seriousness of the types of requests. Once again another year has passed when it is has been made abundantly clear to the Board that the lives of many people, particularly the disadvantaged and least well off, are a real struggle.

Dealing with such requests has not simply been a matter of considering each application in a short Board discussion at the Board's monthly meeting and writing out a cheque to help the person in difficulty, but extensive diligence by Trustees to ensure that KWF financial or other support is really as effective as it can be and is focussed on what the
applicant considers to be the most critical problem.
Often trying to establish the real picture of someone's difficulties is more than simply taking details from an application form or from emails and phone calls although all information however gleaned adds to the whole. Cases frequently involve Trustees, if necessary in pairs, in their own time visiting those asking for help, to try to establish, face to face, the real nature of a problem.
In this regard, the due diligence and conscientiousness displayed by Board members in and out of meetings are particularly noteworthy. Past trustees also play their part when requests come from outside the London area, where those ex-Trustees may be well placed to visit. In short, the trend of requests is one of growing complexity which is making greater demands on Trustees' time and personal involvement and increasingly larger financial sums than hitherto.
Statistically, in 2016 the Charity received 36 applications of which:

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20 supported 55.6
2 work in progress  5.5
6 no applicatio nreceived 16.7
8 rejected 22.2

2016 KWF Charitable Activities

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