Chair's Christmas Message

In the summer of 2017 I became the new Chair of the KWF.
Assuming this position was significant for me, as my father had held this same position many years ago in the 1980’s. Indeed when I was growing up I used to listen to him speak about the cases he was involved with. He was always full of pride when the Charity was able to make a significant difference to the difficulties an applicant was facing and if progress was being made.
One notable instance was the case of a prisoner who was funded to retrain and become a North Sea Oil diver. Whilst I do not know if this individual is still alive, the part the Charity played in his change in fortune was significant.

Similarly I now take pride in the performance and constancy of the Charity, supported by our Case Coordinator and a body of Trustees, who put in a lot of free time and effort. We carefully listen to each applicant’s story, make home visits and help find a solution for the, often very challenging, situation. Each month therefore, the Board can make well-informed decisions to grant support and improve people’s lives.

We also seek to engage in regular contact and support with the elderly Dutch community. To this end the Charity was instrumental in setting up an Afternoon Tea at the Ambassador’s residence earlier this year. A programme of more public events is planned (such as the recent “Boeken en Bollen” garden event) with smaller group gatherings, in order to enhance our public profile amongst the Dutch community.

The Koning Willem Fonds must also focus on how best to improve donation flows. This is because we are aware that large corporations are less inclined and less able (due to regulatory guidance) to gift monies. Increasingly we are dependent now on individual private gifts, for which we are very grateful. Through our renewed focus on events it is hoped we can mitigate the loss of corporate support.

Above all, the Trustees are proud to be Dutch, supporting other Dutch people. If you feel you can help the Koning Willem Fonds with a financial donation we would be very appreciative.
For a donation form click here.
If you wish to have greater direction in how your gift may be used, then please click here for our Boiler Drive Initiative.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

                           Loesje van Hellenberg Hubar   Chair of the Trustees

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